Seviye Tespit Sınavı

Sınav sonucunuzu size iletbilmemiz için lütfen iletişim bilgilerinizi eksiksiz olarak doldurun.
Sınava Başlamak İstiyorum

1. Where ______ she ? She is at home.

A) is
B) are
C) am
D) aren't

2. Jason has to _____ at the company. So he can carry on living.

A) where
B) work
C) works
D) don't work

3. ______ are you coming home ?

A) Where
B) What
C) Which
D) When

4. jenny is really shy . She ____ talks to other people.

A) never
B) always
C) rarely
D) occasionally

5. Would you like _____ drink ?

A) the
B) an
C) a
D) some

6. Mitchell is _______ intelligent than me.

A) --
B) more
C) most
D) the

7. He could be ____ one .

A) the
B) a
C) an
D) --

8. We came to _____ on this land.

A) live
B) living
C) are living
D) lives

9. I love _____ pasta.

A) ate
B) eaten
C) eat
D) eating

10. You _____ help her . She is better off alone.

A) shouldn’t
B) could
C) have to
D) will

11. You have to go and ____ Antalya , İt’s beautiful.

A) seen
B) saw
C) sees
D) see

12. I______ television in weekdays.

A) am not watching
B) do not watch
C) is not watching
D) doesn't watch

13. Where were you ____ Wednesday ?

A) on
B) in
C) at
D) with

14. Jenna _____running , because she got tired.

A) stopped
B) was stopped
C) stops
D) is stopping

15. Dentists are doctors _____ people with their mouth and teeth problems.

A) they help
B) who helped
C) who help
D) help

16. She bought the ______ shampoo. It was so cheap.

A) least expensive
B) more expensive
C) less expensive
D) most expensive

17. You probably______ find any shirts in that store.

A) won't
B) might
C) don't
D) aren't

18. We _____ get a visa to enter Italy.

A) have to
B) must not
C) should
D) might not

19. We are _____ try to pass the exam .

A) going to
B) like
C) going
D) will

20. She always _____ pasta with sauce.

A) eats
B) are eaten
C) is eaten
D) is eateing

21. İf they buy more food ,They _____ weight more.

A) would have
B) could have
C) will
D) have

22. julia _____ living in Italy since May.

A) were
B) have been
C) has been
D) has being

23. The moment you _____ the bomb it will explode.

A) drop
B) drops
C) dropped
D) have dropped

24. While my teacher ______ the students ,i looked over the Office.

A) was meeting
B) meets
C) has met
D) has been meeting

25. When i was 14 years old, I ________ all around the country.

A) travelled
B) was travelling
C) had travelled
D) has ravelled

26. Our neighbours aren’t very polite, and _____ particularly quiet!

A) neither did they aren't
B) either they aren't
C) nor are they
D) wasn't working

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